All you can eat Korean BBQ

Hwang So Go Jip inside

The meat is fantastic as is the service, but I always bring my own sesame oil, because lately it seems like everywhere I go for AUCE Korean barbecue, they’ve switched to almost clear sesame oil that tastes like canola oil, which I detest. Also, canola oil isn’t any better for you than sesame oil. Canola oil is rapeseed oil…those little black skinny seeds in birdseed. Humans can’t consume them unless they’re super-processed and treated. Sesame oil’s more natural, but a bit more expensive. It’s $2.99 at the supermarket next door.
Hubby loved the marinade in the yellow container. It reminded me of Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade, and that’s high praise coming from me. He likes: chicken in marinade (order it first, let it cook while you cook and eat faster beef), pork neck (just like a pork chop) bulgogi and pork belly. I like unmarinated brisket and salad, but wish they had bleu cheese dressing. I know, bring my own, but the vinaigrette’s already on the salad!
If you check in on Yelp, you get a free soda!
They also have beer and some really nice sojus, plus other dishes hot and cold (Naeng myun on a hot day is the BEST THING EVER)
The ice cream/sherbet (not sherbeRt)! is self-serve and it’s pretty easy to figure out, but if you want a nice ball of dessert and not a collapsing sphere, here’s what my dad learned years ago at Wil Wright’s: drag the clean scoop in short strokes at first to build the center until you have a nice heavy ball, then use long ones to build up the outside. I rarely indulge, but I do give my daughter the condiment cup that they give us for dessert with a nice, dense scoop of ice cream or there’s-only-on-R-in-it-for-Pete’s-sake.
You canNOT beat the bang that you get for your buck here. A vegan could get their money’s worth here on the delectable banchan alone, not to mention the other dishes available (bibimbap, no egg, is a fantastic vegan dish).
The atmosphere: homey, plain, well-worn, comfortable. Not fancy. As always, if you have a screamer, leave them home. Unfortunately, not everyone here does. Everyone can hear everyone else’s conversations. The place is clean and the staff is really nice.
Good food, scoop your own dessert, more than just bbq, plain decor, clean, nice staff, go there, soda for Yelp check-in.


Hwang So Go Ji is an all you can eat Korean B.B.Q. spot at an amazingly great price. All you can eat for only $10.99!!
Over 13 main dish selections to choose from. Limit 3 selections per order. Its great that they  offer sake, soju, and wine to compliment the food.
The service was attentive and welcoming with a smile. The staff is kind and have my future business. The food and staff both get 5 stars for making it a fulfilling experience.


Omg! What a hidden gem! This please is really AYCE for $10.99 and the best part is that it’s soooo good! Bomb food for sure! You get plenty of food options too.

When I searched for the location Siri steered me wrong though so be careful. It’s right behind La Capilla Mexican restaurant.

Make sure to only order what you’re going to eat or else they’ll charge you for any leftover meat. This can be a good thing because it encourages you not to waste food.

Seriously, I still can’t believe how delicious the meat is!


This is a fairly quick, efficient “$10 ayce kbbq” places.  All the sauces are on the table (chili, brisket sauce, and sesame oil/salt)  The chili sauce is a bit watered down though.  The brisket is good quality, not completely all fat but well marbled.  The wine pork belly was better than most other wine pork bellies.  No steamed egg or soup.  The banchan is okay, not great. The bean sprouts are heavily msg’d but it makes them tasty.  The kimchi is small pieces and relatively sour.  The broccoli is bland and weird (some sort of white sauce on top?). The fish cake was okay…kinda soggy, but kinda oily.

Definite must gets:  brisket, marinaded brisket (pretty good actually), and pork bellies (good quality cuts, no bones and not all fat).


My friends and I were craving KBBQ while visiting family in So-Cal, but wanted to go to a cheaper alternative and I am so glad to have found this place through Yelp! $10.99 is a steal for AYCE!!!

The meats were delicious! We got the pork belly, bulgogi and marinated brisket. The meats were very flavorful. There was a total of 4 of us and probably ate enough for 10 people! Needless to say the food was top notch and for the price — it’s almost criminally good.

The service was on point. Every time we needed something we pressed the service button at the end of he table and one of the ladies came to the rescue whether it was for more rice, meat or banchan they were swift and thorough.

We had a great time! A good meal with good people can do wonders to your mood. I totally recommend this place for your KBBQ craving. Two thumbs up!